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You will need an adoption lawyer in Thailand if you are going to adopt from Thailand. Each country has their own rules for adoption and you are best advised to speak to a lawyer before you start the process. Note that this process can take very long and certain countries in Asia make it almost impossible to adopt today. You best start is to ensure that you understand the adoption process in Thailand and prepare your documents correctly

The adoption process in Australia and the US as well as the adoption process in the UK are different. There are also other laws which govern these adoptions such as the Hague Convention which you should read before you start the process. The documents also need to be correct and you should also understand that there is a adjustment process for both the new parents as well as the children.

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If you have read the relevant segments on this website from adoption issues to the adoption process in the West. There is also the adoption process in Thailand and  an extensive section on the US adoption process and how it fits into the Thai adoption process from the start to the end of the adoption.

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Adoption Lawyer Thailand